Hey! It's an announcement!

The staff of Paper Darts and Elliott Holt are pleased to announce that Kristina Born's story "What Happens Next" is the winner of the second annual Paper Darts Short Fiction Award! Kristina will win a handsome (hubba hubba) sum of $800 for her talents, in addition to publication in the hot-off-the-presses fifth volume of Paper Darts Magazine and a specially designed website to house her fantastic story (you can peep a preview of the story below).

We would also like to congratulate the finalists for making the decision SO FREAKING DIFFICULT:

Katie Sisneros—"Sloth Complex"
Ryan Bradford—"Ghostboyz" (Also published in Paper Darts Volume 5)
Marc Sheehan—"The Sad Decline of the Slideshow"

Thanks to everyone who submitted! See you next year? 







A.) Ray up and hits me because I said the bad thing about his girl. As I’m passing out, Ray catches me by the leather lapels and lowers me tenderly to the sticky floor. Basically he tucks me in.

B.) Ray swings once and I swing once and we’re dancing. There is a hush in the bar but not a silence. We bounce on our toes like our daddies taught us, and soon we’re both swollen and leaking a little. We get so tired that by the end we stop using our fists and just press together like two palms praying.

C.) I can’t stop hitting him.





Read the full story by ordering Paper Darts Volume 5.


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