For Whom the Linkspam Tolls

Check out what’s been pop-popping in the art world this week.

1. “Protein Lite” mural paintings by Josef Kristofoletti
This classy street art really jumps off the page—er, wall.

2. Unbelievably realistic “painted” fish by Keng Lye
It’s not a fish, but it’s not exactly a painting of a fish either. I don’t know what it is—resin is involved—but it’s lovely.

3. The Gerald Project by Lazerian
It’s like decorating paper plates at little kid birthday parties, but all grown up and fancy.

4. Photographer brings joy to boy with muscular dystrophy
Dangit, who’s chopping onions? These photos by Matej Peljhan are something Make-A-Wish could aspire to.

5. Clare Elasser’s flower-covered portraits
Hiding your face from a picture behind a bouquet of flowers? This trend needs to catch on.

6. Steven Soderbergh is writing a novella on Twitter
What’s more surprising to me than high literature on Twitter is that Sorderberg’s handle is @Bitchuation.

7. Tape paintings by Sun K. Kwak
Not even Pocahontas can paint with all the colors of the tape. Which in this case is just black, but still.

8. Iconic works remade in a reflection on identity
The photographer 2Fik becomes his own subject in these recreations meant to question identity and art.

9. The straw sculptures of Francesca Pasquali
Sticks in a bunch cannot be broken; straws in a bunch cannot get any cooler.

10. D. Laferriere’s sandwich art
This dad made an art project out of packing his kids’ lunches. Yum.

Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and OK speller
Alyssa Bluhm, Editorial and Marketing Intern and runny-nosed kid

Pinner Palette: Rainbow

Pinner Palette: Monochrome