Still Life with Linkspam Dish

Here’s a plate of what’s hot in the art world lately.

1. Paintings by Erik Thor Sandberg
These paintings are all chaos, all awesomeness, all messing with my emotions.

2. Anya Gallaccio’s 10,000 dying roses
The impact of this art might change depending on when you see it, but 10,000 red roses is a powerful image alive or dead.

3. Laser cut wooden records by Amanda Ghassaei
How much music would a wood record play if a wood record could play music?

4. John Breed’s rainbow legs installation
I always thought the rainbow was made of candy. Turns out it’s just a bunch of legs.

5. The Real Life Models: Photos by Flora Borsi
Photos of fake models standing next to their portraits—I feel like I need to make an inception joke here.

6. Low res wooden frame by Diego Zanella
This pixilated, low-res picture frame is ironically almost too good for your high-res photos.

7. Amy Brener’s light sensitive sculptures
A sculpture that looks different from every angle might be the perfect thing for an indecisive art collector.

8. Harmless weapons made of plants by Sonia Rentsch
Were these weapons made to be harmless or to harm less?

9. A Japanese ad agency reinvents advertising for funeral services
Funerals don’t have to be dark and depressing anymore. In fact, these ads make them look almost…fun.

10. Revealing portraits of everyday foods sliced in half
Food art is my favorite art, but these photos make me think some food is better whole.

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