Well, [PANK] is invading us tonight and while we have some idea of what's going to happen, having never been invaded before, we mostly have no clue what to expect.

The fer sher bits are as follows:

We are supremely excited that [PANK] wants to party with us.

There are going to be six readers who are primed to tear down the stage with their brilliant words and ultimate excellenticity. 

Reading for [PANK]

Matt Mauch
Kris Bigalk
Jordan Wiklund

Reading for Paper Darts

Katie Sisneros
John Jodzio
John Brandon

Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal is going to strum up a storm.

But other than those things...sorry dudes, no clue.

Could be like this

Could be like this

Who knows, it could even be like this

But most likely it'll be like this, so don't worry.

 No matter what

Pinner Palette: Monochrome

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