Infinite Linkspam

Hot and fresh from our computer screens to yours, here are the top ten arty dishes being eaten up online lately.

01. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s “filmmercial” for Prada
All I can say is, if someone were to break into my apartment, they’d better bring me some cake. 

02. Rap quotes as street signs in New York City
From Busta Rhymes to Jay-Z, hip-hop is invading NYC—again—one street sign at a time. 

03. The extraterrestrial world of whiskey art
You don’t have to wait two hours after eating to explore the tiny alien oceans at the bottoms of these whiskey glasses. 

04. New York Times haikus
Just one more clever/Tumblr to clog your dashboard,/but this one is cool. 

05. Animal portraits by Yago Partal
There’s probably another planet where animals have been dressing like this for over 12,000 years. 

06. Suspended boat made of 8,000 sheets of rice paper
It would sink if you sailed it, but this intricate boat by Zhu Jinshi is still a masterpiece. 

07. Rebecca Ward’s intricate tape installations
I’m impressed by Ward’s ability to use this much tape without it ending up in a giant tape ball. 

08. “Helveticat” print: a font made of cats
Cats + typefaces = instant internet sensation.

09. Artists play with their food
I think there are just two of them that have gone viral lately: Hong Yi and Ida Skivenes. But I can’t keep track.

10. The Ways We Separate Deluxe Art Edition
The case for this vinyl album is made entirely out of sugar. But after I eat it, what’s supposed to hold the record?

Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff
Alyssa Bluhm, Editorial and Marketing Intern and book hoarder


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