This Is Not a Linkspam

 These ten pieces have been popping in the art world this week.

1. Bubble wrap paintings by Bradley Hart
Okay, so popping this bubble wrap is out of the question, but good on Brad for giving us an alternative way to enjoy it.

2. Epic pictures of a volcano erupting in Japan
These long-exposure photos by Martin Rietze make the spewing lava look like beautiful, red-hot, fiery rain. The lightning is nice, too.

3. Faces emerge from spilled stainless steel
If only something this cool happened every time I knocked over a beverage. Then again, it’d be way harder to get the stain out of the carpet.

4. “Too Much Night, Again” woven art
The writing is on the wall for this one, but it’s also a giant, navigable yarn installation made by Pae White. Don’t tell the cat.

5. Moving light sculptures by Mihoko Ogaki
These sculptures of galaxies shining through holes in dead or dying bodies are by far the prettiest idea of what the afterlife looks like.

6. Tilda Swinton snoozes in a glass box
I so envy all the lucky bastards who get to observe the phenomenon that is Tilda Swinton during The Maybe at MoMA.

7. Paint stacks by Leah Rosenberg
Inspired by layer cake, Leah Rosenberg created these stacks by painstakingly stacking individually dried layers of paint on each other.

8. “Tainted” wood carvings by Aron Demetz
Figures of human beings rise out of tree stumps, showing that humans are the, er, root of nature’s problems, and vice versa.

9. Lush photographs of animals in sacred spaces
It was Ms. Peacock in the teal room with the panes of glass. Beautiful India is the perfect backdrop for Karen Knorr’s photos of equally beautiful animals.

10. Edible cityscape made for Swedish food lab
This model of a city’s infrastructure is entirely edible, because Swedes know the right way to play with food. Take notes, Google Maps.

Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and cat's cradle
Alyssa Bluhm, Editorial and Marketing Intern and honorary Spice Girl.

Pinner Palette: Holographic

Pinner Palette: Chartreuse