A Beginner’s Guide to Gif Artists: Volume 5

When do we get to advance to An Intermediate Guide to Gif Artists, you ask. Not as long as I'm driving this car.

Gordon Magnin

When exploring his website, I noticed Gordon Magnin's bio was filed under "alien farts." At that point, my like for him turned into love. Magnin plays with images of brands and beauty, flipping them from static masterpieces to frantic gifs. Twitching, blinking, vanishing beneath mirrored layers of themselves, Magnin's work infuses his subjects with a needed splash of freaky.


Sophie Alda

Sophie Alda is an illustrator / painter / prop maker based in East London. She's a fan of bold colors, blobby characters, and big noses, and as I write this I'm fighting the urge to call her and propose marriage. Alda's hand-created aesthetic translates over into her gifs, which is something rare and worth celebrating in Gifland. These melty compositions might be better suited to a hot summer day than a chilly winter one, but they're too good to keep filed away.



INSA makes other gif-makers look lazy. These pieces aren't projections or photo manipulations. No no, these elaborate murals were painted and repainted and photographed in sequence. As gifs, they add a new layer of intrigue to art existing on and off the internet—the permanent murals (gosh, I hope they're permanent) live on in L.A., but their dynamic gif counterparts live online for all the plugged-in world to see.

Skip Hursh

Skip Dolphin Hursh (probably not a real dolphin, but I could be wrong) is one of those midwesterners turned Brooklynites who you would spite for inflicting brain drain on the region if they weren't so delightful. Hursh's vibrant design and animation doesn't dodge bright colors or chunky patterns, so he fits right in with clients like Nickelodeon, Scholastic, and Discover. His "personal explorations into looping animations" have produced gifs like the ones below—dangerously addictive geometric beauties full of implied actions and reactions. Good luck looking away.


Julian Glander 

Julian Glander knows that taking yourself seriously is totally overrated. Why write a complicated artist statement on your bio page when you can quote Carl Sagan and Biggie Smalls? Why have a static portfolio when you can fill your homepage with gifs, regardless of whether the final product was animated? Glander is putting out blazing exuberance full-time, and the world is better for it.

Interview: Jason Booher

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