Heart of Linkspam

Here are ten of the posts that art blogs are sharing/stealing extra lots lately.

01. Thilo Frank's mirrored room
An enclosed room with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and a swing. We dig it, Thilo Frank.

02. NYCB partners with street artists
Highbrow meets lowbrow in this FAILE × New York City Ballet collaboration.

03. Bela Borsodi's "Unconscious Affair"
Real-life models fused with hand-illustrated fashion statements. Bela Borsodi never ceases to amaze.

04. Shattered glass animal sculptures by Marta Klonowska
Sculptor Marta Klonowska captures animals' natural poses in colored glass. Cute. Ouchy.

05. "Honky Kong" by Christian Åslund
A Swedish photographer pays homage to 2D platforming games in the streets of Hong Kong.

06. Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs' Favourite Restaurants
This international restaurant guide with contributions from 400+ badass chefs was designed by Kobi Benezri.

07. Luciana Novo's polar bear
Inspired by animal head trophies, Luciana Novo created this beautiful plasticine-on-wood polar bear sculpture.

08. Colorful buildings by HENSE
HENSE baptized a church into a new beginning and brought a little (a lotta) color to the local neighborhood.

09. Paper sculptures by Li Hongbo
Li Hongbo glues thousands of sheets of paper together to create flexible compositions that look like porcelain.

10. Richard Jackson's bad, bad dog
It's a giant dog installation peeing on the Orange County Museum of Art. What more do you need to know?

By Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and Nail Painter

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