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I had a helluva time narrowing this list down. These are ten of the most-posted, most-reposted art blog items lately.

01. One-eyed weirdos by Anton Marrast
Russian illustrator Anton Marrast (AKA Grape Frogg) adds another dimension to what he sees.

02. Gravity Defying Photography by Cerise Doucede
You can see the strings in Cerise Doucede's unique photography, but that makes it that much cooler.

03. "Points of Contention" by Jonathan Latiano
Jonathan Latiano knows a thing or two about "explosive" installations. 

04. Eric Standley’s laser cut "stained glass" windows
Eric Standley works with hundreds of layers of colored paper creating intricate laser cut stain glass windows.

05. Thomas Barbéy's old fashioned photo manips
Barbéy brings back a classic surreal quality through carefully planned film-based photographs and selection of negatives.

06. Sculptures by Michael Johansson
The hyper-organized, color-coordinated, Tetris-like sculptures by Michael Johansson are a hit.

07. The Tiebele house decorations of Burkina Faso, Africa
Suddenly, painting your house one solid color just isn't enough.

08. "Trace Heavens" by James Nizam
Holes + sunlight + mirrors + a large format camera = way cool light sculptures by James Nizam.

09. Smart editorial illustrations by John Holcroft
In John Holcroft's work, metaphor abounds and humorous juxtaposition is rampant.

10. Organized Fruits and Vegetables Photographed by Florent Tanet
Florent Tanet plays with food—and with color, scale, and shape—in "A Colorful Winter."


by Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and sleepy bear

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