Paper Darts' Founders Usher In New Era of Storytelling


Four years ago, Paper Darts was founded with the intention to transform how story and art collide. We have explored, experimented, and pushed boundaries through Paper Darts with design, words, and community building to promote transformative storytelling. For the past two and half years, Paper Darts brought that same creativity to
Pollen through an extensive publishing partnership.  

Today, we're excited to announce that Paper Darts co-founders, Jamie Millard and Meghan Murphy, will take Pollen to the next level through a merge with the organization OTA and a substantial grant from the Bush Foundation to make this full-time, hire staff, and also substantially invest in the freelance writing and art communities. 

"Together, we are cultivating a petri dish of creativity, pragmatism, and idealism from across the region and globe. Where there is inspiration, there will be resources for action. We want to make the Midwest a prosperous space for dreaming and for doing. We will seek out the most talented writers, illustrators, photographers and makers to competitively compensate them as they capture the inspiring stories of leaders throughout our region," said Jamie and Meghan (together in perfect unison). 

As co-founders of Paper Darts and part of the executive leadership team for the new OTA-Pollen, we swear on every tentacle that we will continue to support, reinforce, and grow the creative class freelance market to usher in a new era of storytelling. We will continue to work with the other amazing volunteers, especially Holly Harrison and Courtney Algeo, at Paper Darts who make this little monster possible. We hope the Paper Darts community will join us on this new OTA-Pollen journey.


Jamie and Meghan 


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