How to shop the MCAD Art Sale with total confidence

Meghan Murphy + Holly Harrison

Good news, allies. We scouted the MCAD Art Sale for you—top to bottom, round and round, like eight times—and gathered your must-sees and should-buys below. There were over 6,000 pieces to take in and only four eyes between us (eight if you count our glasses), and even though opening night is a little less manic than Friday and Saturday are, the whole thing is a sensory onslaught that's difficult to capture or quantify—which is precisely why you should go live it. That, and to buy some sick and really affordable art.


Ryan Hughes


Ashley Peifer


Colin Marx


Rosemary Valero-O'Connell


Jarad Jensen

Jarad used to intern with us at Paper Darts. We were admiring these great, geometrical pieces from afar and once we shouldered our way to them we were surprised and thrilled to know the artist printed on the tag.


Vadim Gershman


Jonathan Williams


Mel Nguyen


Kayleigh Fichten

We kept coming back to her paintings and staring lovingly at them. Holly left with a bitty $35 piece and has been making out with it ever since.


Adam Hamilton

Most of his art walked off the walls the second Jay Coogan stopped talking. Heartbreaking.


 John Foster


Tessa Binder


Edward Perrote


Matt Reimers


Nina Keim

Andi Jordt


Jared Tuttle


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