Curio Cabinet: Part I

Meghan Murphy

I don't know why, but suddenly, I can see ceramics. Invisible to me for far too long, I now see the medium as a fascinating way to bring character to life—the lumpier and sloppier the better. I now can appreciate the artists that are challenging the fragility, femininity, and domesticity long associated with the form. Artists like Alexander Tallén, Kate MacDowell, and Miju Lee—they get it. And now, I do too.  

Katharine Morling

Megan Bogonovich

Sophie Woodrows

Alexander Tallen

Miju Lee

Laura Carlin

Yukinori Dehara

Carolein Smit

Bente Skjøttgaard 

Eleonor Bostrom

Kate MacDowell

Juz Kitson

A Letter to New Moon

Notes from the first half of the third and final Co-Kisser poetry-film festival