Through the Linkspam Glass

A roundup of all the things the art blogosphere's been babbling about.

01. Irreverent Homages by Sagaki Keita
Sagaki Keita and his detailed doodles are back, baby.

02. Carved Issues of Artforum
I first saw these on Junkculture's list of their best posts of 2012 and thought I'd missed the train on sharing it. Then a couple of other blogs picked it up and I realized I wasn't the only one in the dark.

03. Cities Sans Light Pollution
Thierry Cohen's "Darkened Cities" are beautiful and haunting.

04. Paintings by Stefan Dunlop
Stefan Dunlop's work is everywhere lately, and with good reason. He has a lot of fun with paint.  

05. A Cheat Sheet for New Kindle Owners
The Millions wants you new ereader owners to get off to a good start. They posted a rad list of popular downloads and critics' picks to help you on your journey.

06. Cosmos MMXII by Jorge Fuentes
Cosmos MMXII is a 2013 calendar featuring twelve original illustrations inspired by the universe and beyond.

07. Elle Fanning in Bullett Magazine
Pierre Debusschere's photos of 14-year-old Elle Fanning are obviously touched up—in a good way.

08. Snow Art by Simon Beck
Simon Beck straps on snowshoes and makes large-scale magic happen. 

09. Corey Corcoran's Etchings on Mushrooms
Artist Corey Corcoran forgoes paper and canvas for a less traditional medium.

10. Portraits Improved by Tape
Photographer Wes Naman has been working on a lighthearted personal project called "Scotch Tape." 

By Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and Novice Punner

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