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Wow. We're still pretty speechless after our Story Adventure extravaganza at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for last week's Third Thursday event. Pretty much the only words we can find are "thank you, thank you, thank you!" Thanks to the 60+ volunteers, the MIA, our sponsor Allegra Printing, our amazing writers (Ed Bok Lee, John Jodzio, Maggie Ryan Sandford, and Katie Heaney), Jennifer Davis, Allen Brewer, the folks at the Theater of Public Policy, Kill the Vultures, and most importantly the 2,465 (!) adventurers that braved a night of art + lit.

It might have seemed like a novel concept, but for Paper Darts, visual art has long been an integral part of the local literary publication. —

For those who couldn't make it (or for those who want to relive it), here's a taste of what it looked like to have PD take over the MIA:


More photos:

Hidden Highlights

Adventures in Poetry

Participants had four stories to choose from, each very different. Ed Bok Lee's story required participants to write phrases on their adventure cards and at the end of their journey, they were instructed to combine all the phrases on the back of the cards, resulting in a finished poem. Here was one of our favorites:

Empty House of My Body
Cole Sarar + Charles Borchert

Fuck “know thyself,” the dictum I live
by is “Kill the Silence.”

I am water mixed with dreams on fire.

As a child I once thought I’d die
from extra, faulty organs.

If every house had just one book,
the world would be the story of
lots of visiting strangers.

People in glass houses should throw
more parties.

When the revolution comes, there
will be no television; there will only
be historical reenactments.

Sometimes, I’m nostalgic for a time
when I didn’t know my whiskers
could hurt anyone.

Improv Elevator

Taking the 30-second ride in MIA's vintage Otis Elevator meant participating in an improv story creation experiment. Each rider contributed one word to the tale, round-robin style. The sentence-long stories were live tweeted by an account created for the night: @ImprovElevator.


Arty Party with Allen Brewer

Just past Kill the Vultures but before the Improv Elevator, local amazing artist Allen Brewer was snuggled in a classroom working on his VERBATIM project, which seeks to make new art based on descriptions of existing art. Third Thursday participants were invited to make their own art based on provided descriptions of five pieces of art from the museum or write their own descriptions for Brewer to use in his project. He received 55 descriptions for his project over the course of the night! Here are some pieces of art that our talented TTers created:

Big Thanks from All of us at Paper Darts!

Pinner Palette: Chocolate

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