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I'm going to get to the fun promo preview about tomorrow's Third Thursday event with Paper Darts at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, but I've got to make a confession first.

I am one-hundred-percent scream-at-the-top-of-my-lungs, butt-clenchingly excited about this project. Paper Darts getting asked by the MIA to participate in an event of this magnitude was like that time the hottest hunk in town kissed me. Luckily we're all adults that learn from mistakes, so we played it cool, and just said "yes," instead of "omigodwetotallyloveyouandwantyourbabies." Planning this event—despite setbacks (like faces getting crunched on the ice during a more metaphorical crunch time), and anxiety about the breadth of the project or our ability to pull it off (don't worry dudes, we totally will)—has been an amazing experience.  

What really rings my bell here is that while the notion of an interactive story game came up in a rather frantic and random way, the concept means something bigger for organizations like us. Just last week I was worried that the project wasn't going to come together—that it had too many moving parts and that it was going to flop. But I see now how unfounded that fear was. Organizations like Paper Darts, that are dedicated because we love what we do, are MADE to take the big risks and to make things challenging for themselves. That's why we exist. We work for the thrill of it (if the word "thrill" is still here when you read it that means I meant to put in something less cheesy and must've forgot to). Anyway, every day that we do this represents a choosing. Every day we say "yes." And sometimes "oh shit." But that's okay.

In the end, after all that needless frettin', thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone at Paper Darts, the Third Thursday team at the MIA, the participating authors, and all of the volunteers we have amassed like a snowball of YES, it looks like the event is going to be pretty cool after all. And you know what? Fucking of course it is. 

All right, so what do you have to look forward to (besides Thursday night and all the subsequent days of your life)?


Here are the special things we and the MIA will have ready for you tomorrow night, in no order of excellentness because each thing going to reign supreme in its ultimate greatness:

1: Exquisite Corpe with Jennifer Davis


If you're familiar with Paper Darts then you know how much we love art, especially the art of Jennifer Davis. If you aren't familiar with PD then consider this your schooling—we LOVE art. The fantastic Jennifer Davis has created a beautiful beast that has been sliced up into pieces for you to color and put in position. She'll be there too, working her colorful magic on the creation's head. 


2: Adventure stories by Ed Bok Lee, John Jodzio, Katie Heaney, and Maggie Ryan Sandford


If you're familiar with Paper Darts then you also know we're pretty into writing, especially surreal, irreverent writing that pumps us up. If you aren't familiar with PD then consider this your schooling—we LOVE, surreal, irrevernt writing that pumps us up. These four authors have written four stories (each with multiple paths and endings) that will wind you through the galleries at the MIA. It's going to be bomb...or whatever you want to call something that's going to be off the hook, or totally righteous, or...ahh...did I already say bomb?


3: Kill the Vultures


The MIA team always picks killer bands to go along with their Third Thursday events, and this one is no different. Read our interview with hip-hop duo Kill the Vultures and get hyped.


4: Arty Party with Allen Brewer


Remember what I said about PD loving art? Remember what I said about PD loving words? Well, Allen Brewer's got our number with his upcoming "Verbatim" exhibit at the MIA's MAEP gallery. Tomorrow he'll be asking folks for detailed descriptions of art from the museum. From those descriptions, he'll be making new works of art. He'll even be hanging out making some during the evening. You'll also have a chance to make some art using descriptions we've cooked up of pieces from the museum. Check out this feature we did on Allen and his lovely art.


5: Jerry Belich and his Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix


Mr. Belich represents a brain that just won't quit. He is the mastermind behind the Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix—a world in a cardboard box, an adventure at the touch of a button. He'll even provide the quarters! Read our interview with the amazing Jerry Belich and gasp in wonder.


6: The Theater of Public Policy



If you're familiar with life, then you know improv comedy is awesome. If you aren't familiar with life, then you're probably a baby and can't read this anyway. Lucky for us T2P2 has agreed to come hang with us for Third Thursday. Not only will they be helping y'all craft single-word stories in that amazing Otis elevator that the MIA has (look for them at @ImprovElevator #ThirdThursMIA), but they'll be stationed at two of the story endings to help make your adventure come to life.


Okay, okay. I've rambled about this event (which'll likely be the event of 2013, guys, and it's only January) long enough.


Are you gonna come or what?!


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