Catcher in the Linkspam

The most-shared, most-reposted of the arty internet.

01. Hikari Shimoda
They may have a candy-colored palette, but the themes in Hikari Shimoda's paintings are in no way sweet.

02. 3D Fashion Photography by Matjaž Tančič 
In a series titled "Mimicry," Matjaž Tančič has added a fun twist to fashion photography with anaglyphs.

03. Animations Made with Ink, Wite-Out, and Coffee
Don't miss Jake Fried's latest psychedelic animation, The Deep End.

04. Rainbow Igloo Made of Milk Cartons
Daniel Gray takes winter fun to the next level. (And you can too.)

05. A Smart Expedia Campaign by Oglivy
Using airport IATA codes to spell traveling sentiments: simple and brilliant.

06. Wild Animals Roaming the Grocery Store
Photographer and master Photoshopper Agan Harahap has an interesting new project called Garden Fresh. 

07. David Sedaris Reads Fifty Shades of Grey
Sedaris is asked to read a passage of the erotic novel aloud, and he totally commits to it. 

08. Sean Lewis
Sean Lewis is a Canadian whose handsome illustrations are inspired by American history. Weird/awesome.

09. OakOak
OakOak converts worn street fixtures and other signs of urban decay into humorous street art. 

10. Haroshi
Haroshi has made an impression on the art world for his bright recycled skateboard sculptures. 

By Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and rainbow maker.

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