State (Fair) of the Arts

"Twelve Days of Fun" doesn't even begin to cover all of the goodness that is the Minnesota State Fair. From the Midway to the Agricultural building, deep-fried pickles to macaroni on a stick, there is something for everyone. And every bit of the fair is a little work of art in its own way. The State Fair is a big grouping of Minnesota art and culture thrown together and heated to perfection, and you just can't get any other time of the year.

The Miracle of Birth Center is pretty much a given in terms of both culture and creating cute little works of "art." With baby farm animals being born left and right, it's a perfect glimpse into the wonders of the world and stripped-down farm life. The food—which is so carefully crafted, created, and molded to fit on all those sticks—is itself deep-fried masterpieces. Of course, there's the art building, which is chock full of great Minnesota artists that are way worth your time. But in case you missed it this year (how dare you), I've got a round up of some of the best parts of 2012's Great Minnesota Get Together. 

The Eats

First, let's start with the food. Also, the beverages. I hit up the cheese curds, Pronto Pups, sweet corn ice cream with caramel butter bacon toppings, Tom Thumb donuts, honey sticks, Summit on a Stick, mongolian beef tacos, the hop flight of Minnesota brews, olives on a stick, cinammon roasted almonds, and lots of free water. No matter what food or foods you pick at the fair, it all feels distinctly Minnesotan—especially if its on a stick, which almost everything is.

The Cute

Of course, it is not a true fair experience without spending a little bit of time with some baby animals. Or watching some new life being born right in front of you. Or checking out competitions for best sheep or lasso skills. At its heart, the State Fair is about competition and showing off, having the biggest and the best livestock, or the fattest pig, or the goat with the best gait.

The Art-Art

But down to brass tacks: the art building had some great stuff this year. And if you've got Paper Darts Volume 3, you'll recognize the work of Andy Ducett.

The Dairy 

And let's not forget importance of dairy at the fair. With all the milk you can drink for just $1, you can sit and bask in the buttery beauty of Princess Kay of the Milky Way to your heart's content. 

Now that the State Fair has come to a close, we've got nearly 365 days until the magic starts again. That's a lot of time to dream up new stick-food cuisine, to map out your day from the Midway to the Grand Stand, and to dream of fanny packs and ill-fitted tube tops.

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