Get Paid $$$ to Teach Writing!

This isn't spam. Hand to Joyce. 

I'm going to push past the feelings of conflict of interest, because I think that just about every writer who reads us/has submitted to us/loves us from afar/hates us from afar should know about awesome opportunities to make money using their talents in any and all ways possible, because let's face it—there aren't that many opportunities these days. 

Unless you know me, or you're stalking me and have my bio totally memorized, you might not know that as a full time job I work at The Loft Literary Center—one of the nation's leading literary nonprofits. The Loft's mission is to support the artistic development of writers, to foster a writing community, and to build an audience for literature. Mostly, we are known for our amazing creative writing classes, which, until recently, only took place in-person at the beautiful Open Book building here in Minneapolis (also home to Milkweed Editions and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts). But, a short time ago, we understood the way of the future and are now offering classes online, and we need fresh new teachers who have interesting ideas, know-how, and talent.

Right now, the Loft has an RFP (request for proposals) posted for the 2013 Winter/Spring online session. Sorry for the late notice, but proposals are due on September 7. 

Seriously, you can propose a class on just about any type or aspect of writing. My advice would be to take a look at the Loft's fall catalog to get a sense of current classes, and if you see a gap that needs to be filled, submit a proposal and get that $$$ teaching others about the things you love!

Go get 'em tigers!

(P.S. Paper Darts contributing writer Sally Franson is an online teaching artist for the Loft.)

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