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WE ARE MAKING A MAGAZINE IN NINE HOURS. Throughout this Saturday night (9:00 p.m.–6:00 a.m.), Paper Darts will make a magazine capturing the ideas, energy, and creations of Northern Spark 2012. 

All submissions will be included in the magazine, so it’s up to you to make this happen.

What we want:


  • Flash fiction
  • Photos
  • Tweets
  • Facebook messages / wall posts
  • Drawings
  • Poems
  • Nonfiction
  • Random musings


Photo contest:

Take photos during your Northern Spark experiences and send them our way! Email them to us at, post them on our Facebook wall, tweet them at us (@PaperDarts), or tweet them with our project hashtag #nspk43.

At the end of the night, photos will be judged by the fabulous Louisa Podlich co-creator and photographer of .onethirtyfive. (which if you haven’t seen before now, you can thank us later for the introduction).

The winning photograph will get prime magazine placement in the first spread and will be highlighted as a winner and published on In addition to this, Christian Dahlager, the other co-creator of .onethrityfive. will write an accompany thirty-five words in response to the winning photo!


Writing prompts: 

The reading and dreaming space of the Loft at Open Book’s transformed Target Performance Hall will be stocked with blank tablets ready to be filled with your Kafkaesque experiences and anecdotal advice for navigating the nonphysical realms visited during sleep. Loft staff will offer writing prompts, ideas, and dream interpretation stations to help decode your subconscious. Take a micronap and use the dream interpretation stations to help divine where your dreams will take you. Write it down as a poem, story, lyrics, or essay and submit it to Paper Darts before you leave.

Online submissions:

Unable to stop by the Loft and hand over a writing submission? No problem. If you’ve got a piece that fits with the theme of the night, send it our way. Either email it to or post it on
our Facebook wall.

Northern Spark journalism: 

Attending other Northern Spark events? We want to hear about it. Write reviews, highlights, observations, inspired essays, etc. Send us your thoughts about your experiences throughout the night. Email them to us at, post them on our Facebook wall, tweet them at us (@PaperDarts), or tag them with the hashtag #nspk43.

Art and drawings:

Either stop by the Loft and doodle away on some sketch paper or send us your work electronically! Email them to us at


  • Will all contributions really be accepted? Yes, well, kind of, for the most part. There will be limits on content. Don’t send us any writing over 3,000 words, and honestly anything under 2,000 is ideal. If you send in 50 photos, we will not publish all of them, duh. Quality of quantity folks. So use your best judgment and if you have doubts, just ask!
  • What happens after you make the magazine? Once the magazine is finished, it will be available online, in print, and for purchase through

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