Captured Dreams

'Sup everyone. We made a magazine! Okay, maybe that doesn't seem that insanely impressive to you, because making magazines is kind of already our thing. Prepare to be wowed: this time, we made the magazine of your dreams. Literally. 

Captured Dreams was made over the course of one wild night, during the city-wide, eight-and-a-half-hour Northern Spark event, that took place June 9-10. 

Northern Spark is an active celebration of the creativity of artists and the creative programming of cultural organizations in Minneapolis.

To make this epic magazine (it's over 100 pages, buster), Paper Darts set up a workstation in the commons outside The Loft Literary Center at Open Book. This project was committed to translating dream writing into one cohesive magazine that captures the events of the evening in its pages. All submissions were accepted—making this magazine one of the most inclusive, collaborative, and receptive publishing projects evvveeer.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out that night to listen, write, rock, and participate in our dream party. This magazine exists because of and is totally dedicated to all of you (and T.S. Eliot).


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Disclaimer: This document was updated on 6/25/2012 with edits. But like your weekly horoscope in the local paper, this magazine is "just for fun" and inconsistencies regarding your names/dreams/love signs are pretty likely to be found in this beast of a creation that we transcribed overnight, and created as a pure labor of love. Please take it easy on us and be ready to forgive! 

A Few Photos from the Event

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