Thank you isn't enough

Everyone, on behalf of Paper Darts, the Loft, our readers, and our bands I want to extend a heartfelt and humongous THANK YOU to everyone who came by our Northern Spark event this past weekend to listen, look, support, and submit.

This was our first year participating in this awesome celebration of the arts in Minneapolis, and, to paraphrase Peter Bognanni when he took the stage, there were so many visually appealing things going on Saturday night and you guys came by to hear words. It was awesome.

The magazine is well under way and our staff is working their adorable hands to the bone getting all of your great submissions transcribed, designed, and ready for print. It's going to be a whopper (so many of you submitted!) and will be available as a print-on-demand publication through MagCloud soon.

In other news, the winner of our Northern Spark Instagram Contest is Rose Norris (winning photo of the HOTTEA installation at the MIA below). Her photo will be featured with a unique caption from Christian Dahlager of the band We Became Actors and .onethrityfive. blog on the front page of the Captured Dreams magazine. Congrats Rose, and again, thank you to everyone who helped make this event totally memorable to the max.

Interview: Jay D. Peterson

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