Get pumped for Super Super Tuesday, Part Two

To prepare for the upcoming  Super Super Tuesday event on April 10th (featuring readings from the likes of John Jodzio, Dessa, Dylan Hicks, Lindsay Hunter, and Amelia Gray—judge for our amazing short fiction award), I'd like to present to you a set of five (stalked) facts about our out-of-towners and talented babe extraordinaires, Lindsay Hunter and Amelia Gray

1. Lindsay likes things both horrific and beautiful. Lindsay’s examples of “beautrific”: Alf, baboons, a vagina.

2. Lindsay has a shameful love for murder/crime shows like Wicked Attraction and 48 Hours Mystery.

3. Lindsay says she is "always listening for voices." When she was growing up (in a pretty religious family) her brain used to play tricks on her saying things like “I worship the devil” or “I love Satan,” and that was scary as hell.

4. Lindsay Hunter is extremely comfortable talking about sex. 

5. Though she’s a vegetarian and hates the sight of a fish flopping on a hook, Lindsay Hunter loves the idea of fishing - especially the idea of a tackle box and all it can hold. Also, she was obsessed with WWF as a kid and had a huge crush on Bret Hart. 


1. Amelia Gray once saw a squirrel eating a pancake outside her home office window. 

2. If she could have coffee with anyone, dead or alive, Amelia Gray would have coffee with F. Scott Fitzgerald to "tell him that a Super Bowl reporter trotted out his 'There are no second acts in American lives' quote to describe a quarterback in the game. He'd ask what all that meant and then we'd laugh and go cliff diving."

3. Amelia Gray is obsessed with revision, going so far as to even revise super old pieces in her head while on stage reading a different work. 

4. When she was younger, Amelia Gray would tape secret notes to the undersides of seats on the city bus

5. Amelia Gray has said that the following things (among others) inform her creative process: Thinking about wasps and their nests, eating fish, eating salad, and eating chicken.

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