3rd Great Twin Cities Poetry Read

There's been a lot of talk about literary rockstars lately. Does that include poets? Hell yes. The Great Twin Cities Poetry Read is a shining example of poets melting faces from the stage. It's a rapid fire line-up with 30 or so poets reading a single poem one after another. If you missed the two previous shows, you're in luck—the 3rd annual read is this Saturday. Every poem read will be published in the anthology Poetry City, USA, Vol. 3.

This fast-paced, poetry funtime features a great line-up of readers, some of whom we have included titilating tidbits about below for your reading pleasure:

Adam Fell 

Boredom makes Adam begin a project, write, wonder, wander. Distraction is his real enemy.

Dobby Gibson

Dobby wishes he could make a poem sound like it was recorded inside an evacuated space station using a Speak & Spell.

Lee Ann Roripaugh

Lee Ann Roripaugh is very fond of moles and mole-whacking.

Feng Sun Chen

Feng Sun Chen loves the Hovercat. In fact, she loves all animals. Even the ugly ones, because they are divine.

Betsy Brown

At Betsy’s first corporate job, she typed up Denis Johnson's poem "Now" and taped it to her cubicle wall. For 10 years.

Peter Campion

Peter morphs into a huge tortoise every time he opens a Word file.

Lightsey Darst

Lightsey has a gruesome imagination and says it’s the “birthright of the Southern writer.”

Bruce Covey

Bruce sometimes claims to secretly be Nora Roberts.

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