More AWP Greatness

Gosh guys, AWP was so amazing this year! There were so many exhibitors that we didn't even get to see (then stalkerishly photograph) all the fabbest tables and booths. Sad. However, many of the tables we did see made us weak in the knees. If you thought our last post contained the only displays we loved, you were wrong as the day is long, busters! Here is another collection of bold showings from presses whose names we write in our notebooks and frame with scribbly little hearts.

Scout Books

Adorable, handmade booklets from Scout Books. Not only do they publish their own collection, they'll also publish your projects with unmatched style with a recycled aesthetic we all love.

Ugly Duckling Presse

Lies! Ugly Duckling Presse is actually a beautiful fucking swan.

Featherproof Books

Featherproof Books is a publisher after our hearts. We love with a kindred passion their sense of humor and hand drawn covers.

Slice Magazine

Where has this literary magazine been all our lives? Slice has both beauty and brains. Not only do they regularly feature a fantastic assortment of illustrators, their mission is to publish  emerging writers alongside the established. Not to mention their coveted interview with Alan Moore. Our hearts are fat and happy after a slice (oho!) of this literary pie.


The mojo table was empty except for a giant tablet featuring their online magazine, and yet the table was irresistible. The charming editors lured us in with free matches. Then they lit the matches on fire. Then they waved them at the university press across the aisle and heckled their editors. If anything went down, we had their backs.


Flasks and shot glasses? Yes please. Hobart is a beauty (especially the silkscreened page edges).


Spork may be our favorite indie book publisher at AWP. Do you ever have that rollercoastery feeling in your belly of crazed reverence and envy? That about sums up our feelings about Spork.

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