Things at AWP 2012 we look upon kindly

If our excessive tweeting and squealing has not already brought this to your attention, Paper Darts is at AWP in Chicago. This blog comes to you from the front lines, photographed in the southeast hall of the bookfair and written behind our table (table S7, like S Club 7 without the club).

The following are the most eye-drawing displays in our litle corner of the big Hilton Chicago.

PANK Magazine

It's no surprise that PANK has one of the sexiest displays at the bookfair. Their table is overflowing with their bold and finely designed merch—the trick is fighting through the throng of PANK lovers to get close enough to reverently touch it all.

Polaris Magazine

Polaris, an undergraduate art and lit journal from Ohio Northern University, drew us in with their fossil and fish head covers and kept us due in small part to a bit of Ivory Tower nostalgia. Among their merch were sweet handmade chapbooks with microfiction tucked in their accordion folds.

Wave Books

After row upon row of dazzling book covers, passing the Wave Books table is a surprisingly welcome stroll into unsullied whitespace. Their droolworthy typography made each cover stand out—somehow, even their barcodes looked classy.

The Drum Literary Magazine

The Drum is "a literary magazine for your ears," perfect for the audiophile literati. They worked their magic with just half a table, tucking an iPod in a vintage book (which matched their logo—smart, smart) and offering their headphones for your listening pleasure.

Birds, LLC

Birds, LLC is badass. The four guys responsible for bringing these beautiful books to the world stand behind the table like a smiling assembly of rock and roll viking gods. If a highfive were a group of people, it would be the crew of Birds, LLC. Not only are their books pleasing to the eye, but they also had a fucking crow on their table. Smart and spooky.

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