Up, Up, And Away!

It’s been two and a half years since we had our very first meeting about our little literary empire, and a lot has happened. We’ve produced three print magazines, released our first book, and published over 200 writers and artists from across the creative spectrum through print and on our website. But, most importantly, we’ve fully embraced a special presence in the amazing Twin Cities community that has supported, encouraged, and inspired us from the very beginning.

With spring comes some changes, including our first-ever round of internal staffing changes. After two and a half years in the trenches, Co-Founder Regan Smith is officially stepping down from her role as Editorial Director. Though most of her energy will now be focused on creating original feature articles for Paper Darts’ partnership with Pollen, her freelance writing career, and her position at Works Progress, Regan will continue  to be a part of the PD family in her new role as Contributing Editor.

This transition has been in process for the past couple of months, and one of the developments we are extremely excited about is the repositioning of our staff.

  • Courtney Algeo will be taking over as Paper Darts’ new Editorial Director

  • Holly Harrison is stepping up as Paper Darts’ first ever Senior Editor and Community Manager

  • Meghan Murphy has transitioned from Creative Director to Editor-in-Chief (still continuing her role as lead designer)

  • Jamie Millard continues her managerial duties as Paper Darts’ first Executive Director

Courtney Algeo, Editorial Director
Courtney started with Paper Darts in October of 2010 as our first editorial intern. She quickly proved an invaluable asset to the PD team and came on staff as our first Managing Editor in mid-2011. Paper Darts is lucky to have someone as talented and respected as Courtney to fill our Editorial Director position and help to shape our voice for the future. Well-known throughout the Twin Cities as a literarti celebrity, in her non-PD working hours Courtney is the full-time Marketing Coordinator at The Loft Literary Center and writes the weekly column Lit Lyfe for the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Holly Harrison, Senior Editor and Community Manager
Without a doubt one of the best young copy editors in the Twin Cities, Holly has lent her red pen to Paper Darts since our first published piece. Known for dazzling our readers with her grammar tips and indie video game roundups, Holly’s new role moves her from behind the scenes to front and center. She is our social media voice, keeping things fresh on Twitter and Facebook and actively engaging our followers and fans. Beyond just copy editing, as Senior Editor she’ll have a hand in developmental edits and solicitations, and will weigh in on everything that comes through the slush pile.

People have frequently told us “Can’t wait to see what you guys do next!,” and to be perfectly immodest for a moment, neither can we! To give you a sneak peek: we’re digging deep into the production of  Paper Darts Volume Four, which will be bigger, badder, and more cohesive than any of its three print predecessors. We’ve also launched a new partnership with Lars Leafblad to usher in the next era of the community newsletter Pollen at

Thanks to all of you for your support over the past two and a half years. To kick off the next ten, please give Courtney and Holly a big congratulatory hug—or tweet.


Jamie, Meghan, and Regan

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