Wuthering Linkspam

Here's what's been all up in our internet lately.

01. Museum of American Packaging
One man's crazy collection of packaged products. Hoarding for good!

02. Iconic Photos Turned into "Selfies"
They're quite convincing. The Desmond Tutu one is almost better this way.

03. Chandelier Made from 3,000 Gummi Bears
How many gummi bears do you think artist Kevin Champeny consumed while working on this?

04. What Writers Need to Know About Goodreads
Self-promotion is a big no-no. 

05. Game Over
Photographer Henry Hargreaves captures nostalgia in uniform color.

06. Tugboat Woodcuts
Tugboat Printshop's richly detailed handcut woodblock prints have been spreading like wildfire.

07. Bret Easton Ellis's Worst Tweets of 2012
Ellis can be kind of a jerk. 

08. BOOKS VS. E-BOOKS—Does One Have to Win?
Information is just that more digestible when it's dressed up as an infographic. 

09. Ryan Heshka
The fun, surreal artwork of Ryan Heshka is poised to take over the world. 

10. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in The Great Pancake Adventure
No use resisting the urge to buy this book by the talented Matthew Luckhurst.

11. Beer for a Good Cause
70,000 trees were swept off the Northeast coast of Japan during the 2011 tsunami. Ippon Matsu (One Pine Tree) memorializes the one that still stands, and all profits support reconstruction projects in Japan.

12. Grandma's Home Cooking
Gabriele Calimberti's world tour included taking pictures of grandmothers and their meals. 

13. Jared Clark
Artist Jared Clark uses his face and mouth to prop up Sharpies and let them bleed onto the paper. 

14. Arctic Dawn
These photos taken in Greenland by Jan Erik Waider will improve your mood about winter. 

15. Malary Lee
A fun booklet to help people understand the art of grammar.


By Holly Harrison, Marketing Director and Internet Lurker

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