The Big Game

Ready? OK.
We're fired up, we're sizzlin.
We're turning up the heat.
When it comes to football making a totally killer art and literature magazine that is beautiful to look at and fun to read
our team can't be beat!

Guys, tonight is the big game. Our spines are tingling. Our sexy new dresses are cookin' in the closet. And that beautiful magazine won't stop about how good looking it thinks you are. Ohhhhhh boy. That magazine has been waiting for you for far too long.

But, tonight is the big game and all that waiting is almost over.


You're gonna take one look at volume four and fall in love. Can you feel it? CAN YOU FEEL IT?

It's gonna be like this: You're gonna walk in all chill, with another magazine in your hand, and when you first see Volume Four, you're gonna play it cool, because you're like that. You've got sangfroid for days. But Volume Four wants you. And what Volume Four wants, Volume Four gets, because she's like that. She's got tenticled tenacity for days. She's gonna go home with you. And that other magazine is leaving stuck to someone else's heel. 

You're gonna get that magazine home, and you're gonna make out with it! Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh...

No, you're probably just going to read it and look at the beautiful art. And while you're oogling it, you're going to remember having come to the launch party. You're going to hear Peter Bognanni reading "Sky Lift" to you forever. Every time you open to Gretchen Marquette's "Transmigration," it's going to be her voice that runs through your head. From now on, when you hear Jacquie Fuller on the radio, she'll be reading to you. This launch party is going to last until the paper in volume four disintigrates. And even after all that time, you'll still remember. 

So, come out to the big game and make some memories! Make it last forever!  

We have liftoff!

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