Feeeeeel Your Way

A friend working in retail once complained to me that women shoppers brush, touch, and grope every item in a store as they shop. I am absolutely guilty of this when it comes to books. Especially old books. Who doesn't get weepy over the feel of a mildewy, dimpled, canvas cover? I don't mean to get all flowery on you, but I bet you know what I mean. This round up of covers will make you want to reach through your computer screen and give a book a well deserved rubdown.


The black is painted on this second hand book... love the idea.



I want to touch it so bad!



Pattern and texture to a minimal end


Source: via Meta on Pinterest


Color Blocks + texture



I want to run my fingers down that spine for days and days and days.




Embroidered Book Cover


Old Paper


Source: None via Carmen and Mike on Pinterest


More old paper. Nothing like it.






Touchable for sure.






Aborableness everlasting.



Feel your way.


Right off the page.

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Oh my.


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