Facebook Flash Fiction Contest

September Facebook Contest:

I Only Have Sex With Ladies Named Jean

Starts Monday 9/19
Ends Friday 9/23

Submit your entry on our Facebook wall here.

Go toe-to-toe with the Spicy Meatball John Jod-i-zio (pronounced like how your Italian mob-boss Grandma would say it). This month's contest is all about beating Senor JJ at what he does best--writing about doin the damn thang with some fly geriatric honeys.


Write a flash fiction story that includes the phrase "I only have sex with ladies named Jean" and post it on the Paper Darts FB wall.

** "I Only Have Sex With Ladies Named Jean" is the title of one of the short stories in our upcoming book Get In If You Want To Live by John Jodzio **


Excerpt from Get In If You Want To Live by John Jodzio:

I only have sex with ladies named Jean because my name is Gene and because while I certainly love to hear my name being yelled out during sex, I also think it is dope to call out my own name while I fuck.

Gene, Gene, Gene, oh, oh, oh, I usually yell. Yesterday I yelled too loud and my mom came down to the basement and found me with Jean from her bridge club in my bed. I slammed my door and screamed, “Go away! I demand privacy! I occasionally pay rent here!” Finally my mom went back upstairs and I apologized profusely to Jean by fucking her on top of our washing machine.

The post with the most "likes" wins--so get your muchachos y muchachas voting. 


The Rules:

1. A submission cannot exceed the character limits of one Facebook wall post (i.e. no adding on to your submission in comment fields or making multiple posts for the same story).

2. Submit your flash by posting it on the Paper Darts Facebook Fan Page wall between Monday, September 19 and Friday, September 23, 11:59 pm.

3. Limit of three submissions per person.

4. The submission that receives the most "likes" on our Facebook Page will win. Paper Darts' editors will also choose Editors' Picks.

5. REWARDS: Submission with the most "likes" wins and the author will receive one of the limited print editions of our upcoming book GET IN IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, the submission will be published on our website, and will be eligible for publication in our fourth volume.

VOTE: We encourage EVERYONE, not just those who submit, to vote on the Fan Page. All you have to do is decide which post/submission you "like" the most and push a button. You can vote on as many or as few submissions as you wish. It's that easy. Well, unless you're Stephen Hawking, then it's probably not that easy at all...(sorry Ste-Hawk, keep on truckin', buddy!).

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