Interns Interview Interns

*Not our actual interns. Though they are just as impressive looking.

Hello, everyone! We’re Safy and Matt, the new marketing interns for Paper Darts. We're very excited to join this dynamic team. Our generous bosses asked us to interview each other in an introductory blog post. So take a seat. If you’re already seated, great, read on.

Matt interviews Safy:


What is the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and why?

I have only seen Kindergarten Cop.
What are your favorite things about the Twin Cities?  
Hard Times coffee. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself needing coffee at 3:00 am, you can get it at Hard Times. Also, the Riverview Theater for three dollar movies.  


(above) Safy's self-portrait

What is your ideal form of transportation?
I have a road Schwinn right now. I guess the answer is good ol' bipedal locomotion, and cycling? Monday through Friday, I don't really venture outside of Uptown/Midtown. I drive in the winter.
What are three of your favorite words and why? (If you don't have a reason, that's OK.)
I know my three least favorite words are random, frankincense, and mayonnaise. The three words I use most often are like, totally, and wow.  
Who is your favorite children's author?
It's a toss-up between Ronald Dahl, and Louis Sachar. Louis Sachar inspired so many embarrassing fandoms, though, so I may have to go with Ronald Dahl. Only, Ronald Dahl had a problem with Salman Rushdie. I'll just say JK Rowling.
There's been a national crisis and for safety reasons, Barack Obama has to sleep on your couch. What do you make him for breakfast in the morning, and how do you entertain him until noon?

I’d pour him a bowl of Cheerios, and make him watch Futurama with me!
How do you think you would spend your time if you were illiterate?
I would pick up carpentry.

Safy interviews Matt:

Who is your favorite comic superhero?

Spiderman. He can't fly, but he can get around just as easily. I always thought it would be more fun to travel by web than to fly - flying like Superman would get dull once you realize there is no risk of falling or anything unexpected happening. But Spiderman is constantly falling and pulling himself back up. Way more exciting.

(above) Matt's self-portrait

Do you have a favorite national blog?
It's kind of hard to differentiate between what is a blog and what is just a website. I guess if you call your site a blog, it's a blog, but I think the term has become too all-encompassing to mean anything specific. That said, I've been digging lately. I don't usually care about sports, but the sports articles are good enough to turn me into a temporary fan. Is Grantland a blog? I was gonna check Wikipedia, but they don't even have an article about it. Really? With Chuck Klosterman and Dave Eggers on board, I think it's pretty big-time. Maybe I should write one. It's not like I get paid for most of my services anyway. ; )
What 90s cartoon protagonist do you most identify with?
Arnold (Name Removed) from Hey Arnold!

I think I'm mostly just jealous of his big city life. And that sweet room. And his pet pig. Arnold was sort of a less afflicted Charlie Brown. He feels sorry for himself now and then, but then he remembers that he spends his days exploring the New York underground and playing baseball in the street. He's the archetype for the 20-something, recent-college-graduate, loft-dwelling urbanite who still wants to be able to spend a good amount of time dicking around. But he's only nine and doesn't have to hold a job. Yeah, I'm mostly just jealous of him.      
If you could eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would that be (and why)?
Pronto Pups from the state fair. IRL, that would get sickening pretty quick, but in a perfect, hypothetical world, Pronto Pups it is.
Last book you read?
Our Band Could Be Your Life by Michale Azerrad. It's about punk/indie bands from the 80's who basically invented DIY music culture. Very badass. It has a lot to say about standards of success and the real definition of a subculture.
Favorite television theme song, and why?
Something about the Laverne and Shirley theme song always tugs on my heart strings. Maybe it's the Yiddish Hopscotch rhyme at the beginning. Who doesn't love Yiddish words? There are so many that snuck into modern English, like kitsch, verklempt, schmuck, schnapps, schtupp, schmooze. . .basically any word that starts with Sch. Wait, what was the question?
Did you ever make a Geocities/Freewebs/Angelfire site when you were a kid?
When I was 10 or so, my friend and I decided the internet was sorely lacking our presence, so we filled that void with Of course it ended up being something like The only thing I remember about it is that we hid links to throughout the site. Speaking of Geocities, there's this great site that makes any webpage look like it was made on Geocities by a ten-year-old in 1998. Here's what Paper Darts would look like:

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