Innovators in Lit

Thanks so much to Ploughshares and Laura van den Berg for asking Paper Darts to be a part of their awesome Innovators in Lit blog series!

See an excerpt from the interview below, and then read the full blog here.

Laura: The first book Paper Darts Press publishes will be Get In If You Want To Live, a collection of 19 fiction short-shorts by John Jodzio (author of the terrific collection If You Lived Here You’d Already Be Home). How you did come to select this collection as PDP’s first book?

Paper Darts: We were fortunate enough to have previously worked with John on several occasions. We first met at the Opium Literary Death Match in April of 2010, collaborated with him on a string of events the following summer, then published an interview and his short story “Javier” in Paper Darts Magazine Volume Three.  Knowing John’s work we were already incredibly honored when he sent us his manuscript, and once we had the chance to actually look at it, it was a no-brainer. John’s writing embodies every attribute we look for in our role as publishers: it’s digestible, risky, and hilarious, but also laced with a poignancy that lingers in your mind long after reading. He’s one of those authors that leaves you wondering “how in the hell did somebody think of that?” in the best possible way. We absolutely could not have asked for a better writer for Paper Darts Press’ debut project.


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