Another round of Il-LUST-ration

Don't  you hate it when music journalists make obvious or contrived references to archaic bands while describing up-and-coming artists? Me too. But when it comes to my world, I love sorting through my limited knowledge of illustration history to figure out just where illustrators are finding their influences. So in this post, I am pairing a few of my favorite current illustrators with obvious or contrived influences. Just for fun.

LISEL JANE ASHLOCK crafts illustrations that marry nature with nostalgia to a dreamy end. 





So many illustrators can draw a pretty picture. Too few illustrators can give a portrait of a pretty girl a palpable personality. KRIS CHAU is wonderful at giving her illustrations life. 


Find a wonderful gallery of Lour Peters' work here.


The illustrative patterns of JOANNA ANDREASSON are richly layered with little details from nature and vintage lettering. So beautiful. 



Visit PATRICK LEGER's website. You will not regret it. I want both of these characters above to be the stars of a graphic novel together.


Find a fantastic gallery of Romance Comics here.

I first saw ANDRÉ DA LOBA's illustration work in the New York Times Book Review and have since been obsessed with his simple yet extremely effective approach. His use of color and his bold silhouettes are reminiscent of retro illustrations and yet his work is oh-so-fresh. 

The amazing Jim Flora is kinda famous for his jazz record illustrations. Find a nice gallery of his work here.


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