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My buddy Patrick Kelly sent me an email containing a link to a blog about artist Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery is a dude who writes short poems and then displays them as billboards, wall postings, and fluorescent signs. It's a pretty neat way to go about exposing the world to your work. He, himself, describes his work as "poetic and melancholic post-situationist." I'm not sure that I get what that means, but it sounds all kinds of heavy. (If you do, and you want to 'splain it to me, then please go forth and school me.)

Sure, I think that his work is interesting, and it is reassuring that some folks who might not have otherwise read anything that day might at least, by accident read a sentence or two. Cool idea, and a super way to add depth to the city. However, what's with these poems, dude?

The poems sometimes read like something a drunk person arranged on a fridge with magnets.

But other times, the words are chilling and amazing.

 Sometimes, the pieces contain things I would send as a card to my silly grandmother.

And others are, you know, for all intents and purposes pretty OK, but could use a little help with word choice.

So, you know, at first, when I heard about this guy I was all: A poet who forces the world to interact with his work? Then I saw the pieces, and how delicately made some of them are, and was all Whoa, a poet AND a visual artist? Double. Wham! Trouble. Shazaam!

Although I don't particularly care for all of his poems, I think that the art here is three fold – the physical pieces themselves, the words, and then the performative nature of it. Sure, he's not there "performing" but by putting the work in such random places I would argue that it's a type of performance. However, it's not always poetry.

Sometimes he has these other types of neat pieces:

I kind of wish that he were criminally doing this. Maybe he is, in some cases.

It makes me think a little bit about Revs, that graffiti artist who for years was writing his diary on big swaths of subway tunnel walls that he had painted white.

Here is a Flickr of his work (you need to kind of scroll around for the diary pages). There's a This American Life episode about the cops trying to catch him.

The end.

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