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After compiling my last roundup of beautiful bookcases, the lovely Miss. Katie commented that she would "give up every room but a kitchen and bathroom to have a library. Seriously. Or you could have a library that was IN the bathroom and kitchen..." I couldn't agree more. Her passion sent me back out into the wilderness of the internet to find even more stacks to lust over.







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This is just absolutely gorgeous.








I want this. I do not have children.








Clean. Fun.








This coffee table would make me feel guilty when I watch my trashy, feel-good reality TV. But I still like it.








This looks dangerous.








Why is this man just standing there? He should be reading.





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Some Classics








A personal library is not complete without a quaint, dangerously old ladder.








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What book would place at the very, very top?








This may be an obsessive-compulsive way to stack books, but I like it!




For those of us who aspire to decorating greatness*


*if we ever have the money 








Outdoor Library.





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What a sweet lil thing.








Now THAT is a kitchen. Or my dream office.








A bookcase made out of old crates. Minnesotans, lets go thrifting in the outer suburbs. We are bound to find some of these.





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The bookcases are great, but wow... Those windows!



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Why would you ever close the curtain?





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For the broke










This is how you obtain furniture when you spend all your money on books... and belts.










This image is unfortunately small... but I like the idea.










This is what you should get your bookish partner on Valentines day. Romantic, yes?






For the Messy





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This is not for those who like to alphabetize.





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When you have too many... if that is even possible








someone should get married under this.



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Look closely... that is a bookcase. The whole thing. Luckies.








Imagine an entire house made of bookshelves. And then imagine you broke your glasses. And that house was on another planet. Fellow Twilight Zone fans know what I am talking about.







For the nerd










Pacman bookcase.








Read your bookcase.







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"Robox bookcase" haha.










This would make me feel really, really guilty.




For bathroom readers








Bathroom, bookshelves, fireplace? Who is this very brilliant person?








Cute. I think this is from Hemmingway's Villa?












I imagine the glass would be helpful to preserve the books. Note to self.








One for the boys.








For the king of the Castle.








Looks like a perfect evening.








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