Beautiful Bookcases

 I am moving. So, lately I have sheepishly been buried several posts deep into interior design blogs. This makes me an expert, right? I think so. And that is why I bring you a second post filled with colorful interiors for you to love and lust over. Lusting over the interior spaces of others has always been a favorite pastime of mine. My wandering mind likes to fill in the blanks. Who lives there? Did they create the space themselves? Would I live there? And, as a designer, the biggest question I have for the space is... how can I steal that color scheme? For round 2 of Color Me Inspired, my focus is the ever beautiful bookcase.



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Envious Color Palette #1







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Envious Color Palette #2












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Hurts my eyes. But I love it.
















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Why doesn't Minnesota have any books? I will send this person Paper Darts.











Books for breakfast, anyone? I want books in my dining room.










Beautifully untidy.








Diamonds are a girl's best friend.










I am always sceptical of color coded books, but the romance of this bookshelf has won me over.










Perfect for those of us who can't keep the books on their shelves.












One long stack.







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I just want to dive under the covers.







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What the hell are you thinking?































EVERY bookshelf should be so lucky to be set next to a window seat.













Rugged... and affordable!












A cabinet of curiosities.













Thought Bubble













Moving on up





Beautiful bookshelf for the great outdoors. Only natural.





Wonderful lines!





Practical. Yes?











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