So, it's Thursday June 2nd

Another edition of "What the Hell Am I Going to do Tonight?"

So wow, it's Thursday, June 2nd, and you're a poorly rendered stick girl with straightforward (read:easy to draw) fashion sense that only slightly resembles the owner of the hand that created you (wait, am I God to the drawing version of myself?)...


A) Lie to friends about being "too swamped" to go out, worry they'll somehow find out you lied through ye olde Facebook newsfeed, realize no one cares that much about what you do, feel bad about self.


















B) Write sarcastic, self-satisfying submissions to The Tangential  about "10 Reasons Why I Blow So Much Harder At This Thing Than You Do," panic and pansy out right before submitting, feel bad about self.


















C) Decide to take a night of "Me Time" to finally work on all those creative projects you've been putting off, get bored, spend night taking fake candid pictures in nonchalant poses for Facebook profile, feel bad about self.



















OR! You could put your five strings of hair into a fancy ponytail, grab a fresh black t-shirt out of the closet, lace up your pointy feet which may or may not have shoes attached to them, and head on over to Magers and Quinn for readings by Dessa (yeah, you know her!), David Philip Mullins, and our PD Volume Three contributor and BFF John Jodzio.

If you're too lazy to check out the official Facebook event, here are the main deety deets:

What: Live readings by neat people!

Where: Magers and Quinn, 3038 Hennepin Ave S Minneapolis

When: Thursday, June 2nd 7:30-8:30

Who: John Jodzio, Dessa, David Philip Mullins.


1) Because it's a lot better than doing something lame and feeling bad about yourself all night.

2) This (you after attending event):






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