Paper Darts loves Minneapolis. Do you?

Our analytics tell us we get visitors to this site from around the globe. Hi South Korea! Hi Iran! Hi Nigeria! I'd like to introduce you to a few of our favorite things about Minneapolis.

Reasons to Minneapolis* [PART I]

*St. Paul, I guess this applies to you too.


 Print is still Alive in Minneapolis. It says so on the side of the Shapco Printers building. For art book publishers and literary magazines still printing inside the good ol' US of A, this is the go-to printer for outside the book beauty. 

Even the buildings scream a commitment to the arts. Here's the front of Intermedia Arts' building.

It's all in the details. The homegrown fashion blog Minneapoline is busy capturing the creative masses wandering our streets.

This is the place to grow. Just look at this healthy list of publishers with internships, all of them waiting for hungry little literary turtles to eat them up.

Capstone Press                                                          Augsburg Fortress Publishers
Coffee House Press                                                    Cengage Learning
Consortium Book Sales & Distribution                          Conduit Magazine
Graywolf Press                                                          Guthrie Theater
Intermedia Arts                                                         Journeys
The Liberator Magazine                                              The Loft Literary Center
METRO Magazine                                                       Milkweed Editions
Minnesota Book Awards                                              Minnesota Monthly
Minnesota Premier Publications                                   Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota Women’s Press                                           Mpls. St. Paul Magazine
Rain Taxi Review of Books                                          RedLeaf Press
Scarletta Press                                                          Soap Factory
Tiger Oaks Publications                                              University of Minnesota
Press                                                                          Lerner Books
Utne Reader    

People here are not boring. They do not suck.  This is the promise of the creative writing blog, The Tangential. Becky Lang, Jay Gabler, and Katie Sisneros make MPLS proud with posts like A guide to Fucking Hipster Girls, On Gchat Literature, and Creating Online Dating Profiles for People I Don’t Like.



 Chris Cloud.  If Paper Darts could live as a parasite on this man's body, it would. Cloud is responsible for energizing the lunch breaks of Minneapolis cubicle and coffee shop workers alike. Just count the projects of his personal website (MPLS TV among them). Is he a human or a God? Does he sleep? Whatever he is, Chris Cloud is MPLS to the core.


Andy Sturdevant
. If the end of the world happens in 2012, we expect Andy to build a giant ark to save our artists. Andy has his hand in everything that is good in Minneapolis.  MPR describes him as a "one man arts scene". Listen to MPR pay their dues below. 






-This is only the begining. Stay tuned, folks! Please feel free to nominate your suggestions for next week's list.

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