Pick a City

Scott Weaver has dedicated his life to one of the smallest, most common objects—the wooden toothpick. For the past thirty five years, Weaver has been using these small splinters to make an amazing, and kinetic, sculpture, Rolling Through the Bay, featuring the one and only San Francisco. Using only Elmer’s glue, he has sculpted together the most iconic parts of the city, including Golden Gate Bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Painted Ladies. He has also made different paths through the structures that ping pong balls can be rolled down to take you on different “tours” through the city. Most poetic of all, Weaver uses some standard brands of toothpicks, but also uses toothpicks that people have brought to him from around the world. The trees in Golden Gate Park are made from toothpicks from Kenya, Morocco, Spain, Germany, and Italy, and the heart inside the Palace of Fine Arts is made from toothpicks thrown at Weaver’s wedding



Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.


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