In which Courtney takes some links out of her pockets and scatters them across the floor

We're buds, right? Can I lay it down for you?

I don't have an awesome blog up my sleeve this week. I've done so much reading this week, that my marriage to words is feeling a little rocky, and maybe I need to go stay at my sister's place, you know? I just need a little space.

However, I don't want to leave Monday hanging, so I'm going to direct you to some awesome stuff to read while you're pretending to work, you little scamp, you.

Slate talks about words you are using wrong. It's not your fault. 

The Machine of Death is an anthology of short stories that have been contributed by people all over the world who know how they will die. You are encouraged to read the manuscript here in PDF. (Don't be afraid to buy what you like.)


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Want something amazing to listen to in your headphones? His name was DiddyWah.


Or, if you don't like music, and have to be really sneaky about what you're listening to (why would you need to do this?) you can Listen to a Movie.


Finally, spend your lunch break with The Unadaptables.


And, since I'm just putting things here for you to look at, and since it worked so well last time, how about a kitten?







Courtney Algeo is feeling really lazy today. She would apologize to you right now, but you're in a future where she's probably not feeling lazy anymore. This behavior is atypical

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