So, it's friday april 29th


It’s Friday, April 29th and you’re a poorly drawn, slightly hipstery looking guy with claws for hands...what are you gonna do?

 You could:

A) Get drunk on Mountain Crest, watch Royal Wedding, pass out at 8:00

B) Take pictures of cat dressed up as Mexican bandit, post them in totally awesome Facebook album titled "My Pal Pablo!!"

C) Write heart wrenching love songs about girls you used to stalk

OR! You could throw on some plaid, lace up those Chucks, and head over to the 2nd annual GREAT TWIN CITIES POETRY READ from 7:30 to 9:30 at the Normandale Community College Theater.

Hosted by poet Dobby Gibson and PD Volume Three contributor Matt Mauch, the night will feature live readings from TONS OF REALLY GREAT AND AWESOME AND NEAT AND TALENTED POETS including Lightsey Darst, Matt Ryan, and Heid Erdrich.

Also, the “Officially unofficial launch of Poetry City, USA, Vol. 1: poems read at the inaugural Great Twin Cities Poetry Read + essays, reviews, and interviews.”

We're co-sponsoring the event along with Graywolf, Lowbrow, and Coffeehouse Presses, and others, which means it's cool kids time up in hurr.


Finally! Poetry readings are also great places to meet poorly drawn, slightly hipstery looking, claws for hands girls. And you know what that means, don't you, you little hastily rendered poorly drawn guy....




Ps. Thanks for kindly ignoring my crappy drawing and picture cropping skills. "What month is "APRI"?? I'm so confuuuussseed!!"

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