Lit in Miniature

There’s something you should know about me. I am a sucker for tiny things. Miniature clay hamburger earrings—adorable! Hors d'oeuvres—my favorite! Miniature kiwis—twice as delicious because of their size. I have an army of tiny notebooks and impractically tiny pens littering my purses, 2-3 inch tall vases dot my shelves. I can’t stop myself. My friends consistently mock me for the squeals of delight the miniaturization of anything draws from me. And so, you can probably imagine how ecstatic I was to discover Featherproof Press, and their line of free (yes, free!) *miniature* books.  As if this concept could possibly be improved upon, Featherproof has also embraced a craft-lover’s DIY attitude, so you download your free (yes, free!) mini-books in PDF form and then print and assemble them yourself.  

For those of you who are more into normal-sized things, take heart. All of these mini-books are excerpts from the array of published full-length works Featherproof has lovingly brought into the world, so if tiny things leave you wanting more, prowl the Featherproof collection to satisfy all your regular-sized literature longings.


If the mere thought of these tiny treasures hasn’t been enough to brighten your day, feast your eyes on some beautiful Featherproof book covers (regular-size):

And for those of you who really just want some more, you can take it a step further and conquer Featherproof’s Storigami collection. If you have missed the general word mashing trend, Storigami is stories +origami. Although these little treasures take more time to construct, I think you and your fingers will find it well worth the effort. Plus, you can show all your friends the squid-shaped short story you meticulously constructed and prove that you are, in fact, much more committed to lit than they. Good for you! 

Caryn Wille moved to Minneapolis from Chicago to explore the world of publishing and graphic design. Caryn is a member of the Paper Darts staff helping with graphic design and marketing. Check out her website at

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