True confessions: I always wrack my brain about what to write for these Monday blogs. It's always at the last moment of panic that I realize I should just write what I know. Doy. 

(For the record, what if I didn't know – or do – anything? How fraking terrible would that advice be?)

This week I bought (or rather, my husband was nice enough to buy for me) my first e-comic. Has it ever happened that you've been out at the comic book store, bought issue number 81 of a comic thinking that you probably had issue 80 sitting at home unread, only to discover later that you only had issue 79? 

If it hasn't happened to you, then you're a lucky duck, because it's a total bummer. However, now that I have this handy iPad, I can just purchase missed copies of some comics at any hour, from any location that has Wifi, via a myriad of different apps. (I swear that they're not paying me for this.) 

Reading comics via an e-platform is awesome. Seriously.

Since I'm not a collector of comics (you nerds) per se, I don't really ache to have millions of longboxes of floppy issues taking up valuble closet space in my home. 

(fig. 1, my husband's office closet)

Also, did I mention how I'm way too impatient to wait for the trade paperbacks to come out? Pshhh.

Laughing in the space of time and space, these e-comics are incredible. They read well, they look good, and if I were 8-years-old I could read them under my bedcovers after lights-out without aid of a night/flashlight.


Although I'm a strong advocate for printed works, I like a little e-issue every now and again. Everything in moderation, right? Not to mention, it seems that in some circumstances, electronic versions of comics might equate to cheaper prices for consumers ($1.99 for these issues vs. $3.99 for the floppies), and more money for the publishers/writers/artists. Check out this article on Marvel's electronic trade issue model.

Then again, maybe all us comic book fans shouldn't have more reasons not to leave the house, eh?

Party on, nerds.


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