Get In: a behind the scenes look at the making of a book promo

Do you ever feel shitty? Not like, "Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze, oh I feel like I'm riding a toboggan of razors straight into hell," but rather like you're having a crummy day? 

Yeah, me too, and the same probably goes for a lot of other people, too, so don't worry, we're all sometimes weeping in the face of existence. 

You know what helps when you feel that way? Being surrounded by a group of people who are really awesome and talented. 

Illustration by and left hand of Anne UlkuWhen you feel like a lame-o, just squeeze yourself in between the likes of Maggie Ryan Sandford and John Munson, and everything'll be A-OK. 

What if you aren't in a position to hang out all afternoon with Eric Vrooman and Steve Marsh? Oh, well then just watch the Get In If You Want To Live book promo video, which features 17 of Minneapolis' most awesome people each reading one line of John Jodzio's hilarious story "Hookers in My Neighborhood Really Love My Chili."

To be honest, the making of the Get In If You Want To Live promo video was rather uneventful and pretty easy, save for a long wait due to some technical difficulties, and the fact that the day was incredibly hot for early October. Finding people to be in the video wasn't even troublesome, because Minneapolis is super down to party like that. Everyone just hung out, had a couple beers, some snacks, and enjoyed a nice plastic cup of champagne when the whole thing was done. The project, which turned into a local star studded event, was a great way to spend the afternoon. The video, filmed at Hotbed Studios (home of Freeky Deeky) and assembled by Ben Thompson at Rapid Water Media, turned out to be totally amazing in all it's highly defined glory. What great way to spend 1:58 seconds...or 3:58 seconds if you watch it twice in a row (which I recommend).

The Hookers In My Neighborhood Really Love My Chili from Paper Darts Press on Vimeo.



Creativity naps, bro.