Review: Eyeballs growing all over me...again

If you're a fan of flash fiction, sci-fi, surrealism in measured doses, mild gross-out humor, and children's media, then Eyeballs Growing All Over Me...Again is sure to be your cup of tea (with an eyeball in lieu of a sugar cube).

Abrupt and nothing short of pure juvenility Tony Rauch's Eyeballs Growing All Over Me...Again is a 140-page collection of short stories filled with jarringly imaginative, weirdo prose. The book is broken into three parts, and within those three parts are twenty-three uniquely interesting shorts.

Writing from a perspective informed by speculative fiction and the inherent simplicity of YA, Rauch is a regular genre-crosser, and Eyeballs, premature but promising, is a pubescent wet dream.

Far from mundane, you'll find your interest piqued by the appeal of the strange characters. Unsettled by the imagery of eyeballs growing all over a guy's body, inanimate objects becoming animate, or a girl with a goat head, you won't even mind the fact that the character and plot development is spare—it works within the context of the shorts. The inconsistency in subject matter is an asset to the book, as every tale functions as a window into the contradictory, bizarre, and arbitrary land known as the imagination.

Tony Rauch's imagination is steeped in the ethos of science-fiction-fueled wanderlust and a longing for a boyhood comprised of whimsy. In every story, there's a thread of playful aestheticism, a quality that is no doubt Rauch's signature. When reading Eyeballs, it's important to keep an open mind. Even so, one can't help but think that some of the stories would be better suited to illustrated children's books.

Insofar as it will force you to look beyond the limited scope of your own pretenses, Eyeballs Growing All Over Me...Again is the literary equivalent of eyeballs growing all over you. There's a distinct hallucinatory influence at work in Eyeballs, so depending on your tastes, each story could very well be a good trip—or a bad trip. Either way, you'll be tripping Eyeballs.

Eyeballs Growing All Over Me...Again is available on, and locally at Magers and Quinn, Comic Book College, and Hot Comics.


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