Holiday prescription: subscription

I was just sitting here thinking to myself, "Oh shit, it's almost Christmas and I haven't gotten every person on my list something totally awesome," and I figure there's a strong possibility that you might be, too. It's a terrible feeling, huh? Knowing that you've put something off, or at least accidentally placed it outside your mind, and now some of the only decent people in your world aren't going to get the gifts they deserve... 

But you know what? No sweat, holmes. Don't be so dramatic. There's plenty of super shiz out there to let your loves know you heart them, or think about them, or stalk them, or want to do any of those things some time in the future. 

Nah, I can't really help you out with a whole list of gifts, but I thought I'd at least let you in on the best gift I got this year (it was for my birthday), because it's a super gift and a snappy purchase in a jam.

Last August my dad and my aunt Michelle signed me up for McSweeney's Book Release Club.

It's $100 (eightOne of the fine books included in my package new books), which is a lot of coin in this economy, so don't feel pressure to sign your strange neighbor up for this, but if you have any bookish siblings, or a bookworm bestie, then this is going to be their jam. (Though I haven't had time to read all the books that have arrived so far, they sure do make my heart burst open just to look at, imaginging all of the treasures and whatevers contained therein.)

The best best best part about the club? Getting mail. 

Seeng a package with your name on it waiting for you when you get home is fucking delightful, and when it's full of books with amazing covers and beautiful words, then that's just super duper fucking delightful.


But you know what? Maybe you're not into McSweeney's.  (It happens Dave, get over it.) 

That's cool, there are tons of publishing houses, small presses, and organizations that offer subscription services, many at a lower price than McSweeney's. (Get to Googlin'!)

In case you're looking for a gift for me....

A subscription to American Short Fiction is VERY reasonable.

The Rumpus has a book club. It's kind of expensive (it's monthly), but you the books haven't been published yet, and you get to discuss that shit with the actual author. 

I love to read, but sometimes I'm damned if I can find the time, so a subscription to One Story would really make my busiest days slow down for at least a few pages. 

If all else fails. (I mean like ever, for anything, in your life, mine, or anyone else's.) 

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