Your Shiny Holiday Shoppin' Guide

I, Holly Harrison, have a December birthday, a “seasonal” name, and a pin somewhere that says Happy Hollydays. Basically, I was born to do this.

I like to cast a wide net in composing a gift guide, so instead of delivering an avalanche of individual items, I will recommend a few shops/sites that you and people on your list oughtta fancy. After all, browsing is half the fun. If you don’t find what you're looking for here, I forgive you.

826 Valencia, Pirate Supply Store

I had long since had my fill of pirates by the time I stumbled across 826 Valencia. This shop sucked me back in with its clever design and hilarious product descriptions, and a look behind the About page sold me. 

826 Valencia and the other seven 826 chapters nationwide offer a variety of inventive programs that provide students, ages 6-18, with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. If pirates aren’t your thing, try Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., The Museum of Unnatural History, or one of the other stores.

Pictured above:
1. Sea Salt and Sea Pepper, $6
2. Sixteenth Century Replica Playing Cards, $14
3. Compensation for Missing Limbs Poster, $20

Studio on Fire

Studio on Fire
is a Minneapolis-based design and print studio that has been in the business of making beautiful things for twelve years. They have an endlessly impressive portfolio of stationary, invitations, and more, but if you’re not in the market for custom throwing star business cards (though you are, in your heart), check out their store.

Don’t miss:
1. Birds of Sadness Poster (Chinese Proverb), $40
2. 2012 Desk Calendar (with Paper Darts Contributors Tuesday Bassen and Missy Austin), $30
3. Wild Air Poster (Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote), $40

If you aren’t registered on, do it now. It’s free and—warning—a little addictive. There are new sales on quality designer products daily, getting you up 70% off retail. And “designer” doesn’t necessarily mean “expensive”—Fab features more kickass $10 items than they do $1,000 items.  The products for sale range from shower curtains to jewelry, flash drives to bicycles, and more.

I only have one bad thing to say about Fab: their shipping time is abysmal. However, all items marked with a red gift icon are guaranteed to deliver by December 23, or they’ll overnight a substitute product or refund the entire amount of your order, plus $25 in credit. Details.

A preview (from their ongoing 100+ Best Gifts Under $100 Pop-Up Shop):
1. M Is for Modernist Flash Cards, $15
2. Plumen Light Bulb Set of Four, $98
3. Armed Notebook Set of Three, $45

Physical Fiction

Pixel art and letterpress shouldn’t have to exist separately. Luckily, Physical Fiction has solved that. Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa built a letterpress from LEGOs and now churn out inexpensive limited edition prints that are perfect conversation pieces. Seriously—letterpress prints made with LEGOs!

Get a load of:
1. The Cogitator, $25
2. The Indigotic, $15
3. Baddies, $50 


 provides an alternative to the classic art collection. Their limited edition products come from over fifty internationally acclaimed artists and studios and are sold with Certificates of Authenticity. More important than the products’ legitimacy, though, is their awesomeness. There’s something for everyone at ClickforArt, be they street art enthusiasts, traditional fine art purists, or people who don't realize they like art just yet.

Check out:
1. INSA Graffiti Fetish Cup and Saucer, $61
2. Ruben Ireland Times of Need Pillow, $61 
3. Vault 49 Eye Mask, $21 

Get In If You Want To Live


Paper Darts’ first book is a collection of nineteen short stories by John Jodzio with accompanying illustrations by some of the best artists in the galaxy. That means it’s both a great read and a sexy piece for your coffee table.

Ours isn’t the only gift guide where you’ll find Get In If You Want To Live—it was also featured on’s 2011 holiday gift guide

Buy the book for $15.

Creativity naps, bro.

30-50% OFF: Black Friday Sale