Just a brief little blog this morning, as my head is still spinning from partying!


As you may have heard, we threw a launch party on Saturday night to celebrate the new short story collection  by John Jodzio. In addition to live music from Joey Ryan & the Inks, there was a raffle for Jennifer Davis' original piece which accompanied the short story "The Bear," and some of John's more actorly friends read from the new book. Topping it all off, John read four of his own pieces, dressed to kill in a fantastic new suit and making the bizzare and awkward eye-contact with the audience that he is known for.

Over all, every aspect of the party was awesometown. Totally amazing. Better than prom! And while John is the reason that we even had occasion to throw a party, without everyone who came to celebrate there wouldn't have been a party at all. Instead, it would have been the editors, staff and interns of Paper Darts sitting in a circle around John cry-singing to Joey Ryan & the Inks, and taking turns doing body shots off a sock puppet. It wouldn't have been pretty. 

So, a big, huge Thank You to everyone who came out to Honey on Saturday night to show your support for John, Paper Darts, and the liquor industry. You've made us all very very very very happy. Also, you all looked really sexy! Have you been working out? 

This one goes out to you:


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