when the beer flows like wine

As the wise Rafiki once said, "It is time."


Time for another big Paper Darts event which means it's also time for another round of crappy comix.

Courtney already shared all the important stuff about the Get In If You Want To Live launch party coming to a Honey near you (if you live near the Honey on 205 E Hennepin Ave) THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th from 7-10 in her latest blog, but being such a nice lady and all, she failed to mention a few things...

The shady shit. The seedy underbelly. The TRUTH about what actually goes down when the beer flows like wine and we get REAL.

So, here it is. Our dirty laundry---granny panties, lacy thongs, and reindeer boxers alike.


 # 1 ) Pole Dancing

# 2 ) Very Drunk and Jovial (and later belligerent) Octopi

# 3 ) New Wave Lit Groupies

*Image of John Jodzio's child pole dancing removed at request of child (parent approved!).


Get there early so we can still remember your name and how to operate a beer bottle drinking machine (mouth + hand)!

Oh yeah, and please RSVP on Facebook so we can brag to our moms about how popular we are.

Joey ryan and the inks open up about getting down

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