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Confession.  I, Kyle Coughlin, have absolutely no center of balance and cannot skateboard for the life of me. I have always been envious of all the cool kids with their tricks, kicks, and spin jumps. What does that have to do with anything on Paper Darts? Nothing. It was this realization that sparked the idea for this week's blog entry. 

Although I lack the ability to ride a skateboard, a lot of my friends growing up were talented riders. I always found it interesting how they would watch a million skate tapes (remember VHS?) before going out to ride. They would watch these pro-skaters and always say things like "I could kill that trick so much harder than that guy" or whatever kids said back then.

Today, I do the same exact thing with graphic design, illustration and typography blogs.  I will look at what other people are doing and say "I could kill that design so much harder then that guy".  Maybe it is true sometimes but it is usually just a pep talk to work harder and be better at what I do.

Here is a short list of some of my favorite design/inspiration blogs.  What are some of yours?


BOOOOOOOM! - Design,illustration, photography blog run by Jeff Hamada.


Abduzeedo - Full of tutorials and daily inspiration in many design categories.


My love for you is a stampede of horses - More of a hands-on-art blog.


Eight Hour Day - Minneapolis based design due Nathan Strandberg & Katie Kirk keep thier blog updated with a lot of inspirational design work.


Friends of Type - Filled with inspirational typography design.


Looks Like Good Design - A little bit of everything.


It's Nice That - Very clean and organized design blog.


The Die Line - Dedicated to showing beautiful package design.




Kylo Moonguts is a Minneapolis based illustrator and designer. He is also a new member of the Paper Darts Graphic Design staff. For his personal blog and portfolio, visit his website.



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